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Education & Operations

The Rose Bowl Stadium has inspired 100+ million fans since its opening in 1922 - now, the National Historic Landmark is utilizing its past to inspire and educate the next generation of fans - our youth and community.

Inspiring Youth and the Community

It is vital that the historical importance of our past is preserved, presented, and purposed for the education and enrichment of youth and the community. The Rose Bowl Stadium and its Legacy Foundation has committed itself to providing educational, value-based programming to youth and the community to leverage the admiration and influence that the Stadium has provided to visitors since its gates opened on October 28, 1922.

Legacy Foundation

Educational & Community Programs

The following educational and community programs are currently ongoing or upcoming as a courtesy of the Rose Bowl Legacy Foundation, its Board membership, and America's Stadium to reinforce leadership, ethics, confidence, equality, integrity and other skills to youth.

Rose Bowl Institute

Launched in 2020, The Rose Bowl Institute champions sportsmanship, leadership, and citizenship. Through educational programs, focused dialogues, and awards, the Institute leverages the power of sports to unite people everywhere. The symposium holds a myriad of free educational programs to benefit the local, regional and national communities including its flagship Women’s Empowerment Symposium, series on Race & Sports, Sports Diplomacy, and many more. To learn about the Rose Bowl Institute, visit

HONDA Field Trip to the Field

Started in 2016, the HONDA Field Trip to the Field program welcomes every 7th Grader in the Pasadena Unified School District (PUSD) to the Rose Bowl Stadium each year for a professionally-guided 90-minute tour, a healthy lunch, a physical education activity, and a motivational speech. The program is generously supported by a donation from HONDA and approximately 1,500 students visit as a part of the program each year.

As a National Historic Landmark and a global icon, it is important that the inspiration of the Rose Bowl Stadium is experienced by as many people as possible. The Field Trip to the Field program will eventually ensure that every student in the PUSD visits the venue to learn, dream, and enjoy.

1922 Locker Room Museum

Completed in August of 2017 due to generous gifts from Mickey and Lee Segal, Community Bank, and others, this heritage display is located on the northwest side of the stadium concourse in tunnel 15A in a space originally utilized from 1922-1927. The educational exhibit portrays the Stadium’s rich past through literature, photographic narratives and historical artifacts. 1.4 million people visit the Rose Bowl Stadium annually, finding pleasure in sporting and entertainment events, as well as tours. With a layout of 800 square feet, the stadium exhibit acts as a showcase; enhancing the tour, general public and event visitor experience and increasing engagement and educational value.

Private Tours are available through the Stadium Tour Program.

HONDA Robotics Rally

In partnership with the Pasadena Educational Foundation, Caltech, and PUSD, the Robo Rally is a Robotics Competition for students that has been ongoing since 2010. Starting in April 2019, the event will take place at the Stadium.

The event provides an opportunity for PUSD students to showcase creative solutions to a complex challenge using the skills and concepts they’ve developed during the year. Students learn to approach problems using teamwork and interactive design.

Through robotics, students also learn how to express themselves, listen and relate to others - honing valuable life skills to assist in the development of future civic leaders and citizens.

Robotics Rally

Book Donation Supporters

Book Donation to Elementary Schools

The Rose Bowl Legacy Foundation, in partnership with the 2nd and 7 Foundation, promotes reading through donating books to kids in need. Starting in 2017, the two non-profit organizations donated 500 books to Cleveland Elementary School in Pasadena, the alumni home of Jackie and Mack Robinson. Student-athletes from UCLA joined in the ceremony, reading to 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade students and discussing the importance of education and hard work.

Military Spouse Pampering

As America's Stadium, the Rose Bowl recognizes the daily sacrifices made by our military and the men and women that support those units. Each year, in collaboration with the annual Americafest July 4th celebration, the Legacy Foundation hosts military spouses at the Stadium for 'a day of pampering' which includes brunch, yoga, massages, manicures, and special gifts.