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Heritage Protection

Donations supporting historical recognition projects at the venue allow the display of statues, monuments, historical markers, strategic imagery, and museum-like exhibits to benefit visitors.

1940 Rose Bowl Hall of Fame photo

The Legacy Foundation

Protecting the countless inspirational moments of a near-century of history will be a catalyst for the venue’s future. The leadership moments experienced at the Rose Bowl Stadium will provide educational and cultural influence to the next generation of visitors, while elevating the memorable moments that have authored the history at this National Historic Landmark.

Commemorative Statue Guidelines

Commemorative Statues

Keith Jackson Statue Dedication
1999 WWC Statue Dedication Recap
Jackie Robinson Statue Dedication
1922 Locker Room Museum

Historical Markers

Myron Hunt Historical Marker
Myron Hunt
Peyton Manning
Peyton Manning

Historical Projects

Michigan 49-0 Stanford - Jan 1 '02
1902 East-West Football Game Statue
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Ribbon cutting ceremony
Tunnel 8 honoring UCLA All-American Cade McNown
Bo Schembechler
Historical Marker honoring Coach Bo Schembechler
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Eddie Robinson
Historical Marker honoring Coach Eddie Robinson
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Fritz Pollard
Historical Marker honoring Brown legend Fritz Pollard
George Halas
Historical Marker honoring George Halas
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Rose Bowl Stadium
Nelson C. Rising Legacy Bridge
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Rose Bowl Stadium
Alan I. Rothenberg Legacy Bridge
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The Ivy League
Historical Marker honoring the Ivy League Rose Bowl participants
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Charles E. Young
Locker Room Naming honoring former UCLA Chancellor Charles E. Young
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