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First 100 Years of America’s Stadium Book Cover


March 16, 2022

PASADENA, Calif. (March 16, 2022) In honor of its Centennial Celebration, the Rose Bowl Stadium today released a limited number of commemorative books to celebrate its 100th birthday. The book, “First 100 Years of America’s Stadium” will be available for purchase, while supplies last, for a $100 donation to the Rose Bowl Legacy Foundation, plus $15 for shipping, here.

“As we look ahead to celebrating 100 years of moments, and many more to come, we can’t help but highlight those that have helped shape and guide our local Pasadena community. A venue turning 100 years young is something to be celebrated and honored and something its staff, city employees, and residents should be very proud of,” said Mayor Victor M. Gordo. “The Rose Bowl Stadium has certainly placed Pasadena on the map, and we are committed to ensuring that it remains such an important landmark and part of history for generations to come.”

In collaboration with Skybox Press, this beautiful coffee table book highlights, in-depth, the Rose Bowl Stadium’s 100 years of history through a capstone of each decade of its existence.

In 2019, Sports Illustrated magazine ranked the Rose Bowl as the greatest stadium in college football, citing its history and beauty: “The stadium sits in a perfect location with amazing sights, landscape, and scenes all around. The one-tier grandstand surrounds the entire field, and there is simply no a bad seat in the house. The first Rose Bowl Game was played here in 1923, and the stadium continues to host the highly anticipated bow game here, every year. There is no more aesthetically pleasing place to watch a game, and it certainly sits atop the list of stadiums a college football fan must visit their lifetime.”

The book features a foreward by Author Mark Langill, team historian for the Los Angeles Dodgers.